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India's Aadhaar system is the world's largest national biometric ID card initiative, and it forms the cornerstone of programs to transform welfare, bank the poor, facilitate know your customer verification, and improve border security



The V-Dem Electoral Democracy Index is the primary democracy evaluation published by Sweden's Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute. In its 2022 report (based on 2021 data), V-Dem ranked India 100th in the world for Electoral Democracy, down from 65th in 2014.

This report examines the methodology that underlies the democracy evaluations published by the Varieties of Democracy Institute (the "V-Dem" rankings), using India as a case study.


Salvatore Babones in Media

Demonising A Democracy?

India Today Conclave 2022

“India is the world’s biggest democratic success story. It is the only post-colonial well-institutional democracy,” sociologist A/Prof Salvatore Babones said at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai on Saturday.

A/Prof Salvatore Babones also talked about press freedom in India and said it is safer to be a journalist in India than in the rest of the world.